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18-0434 Aviemore Powerline and Substation- Final Basic Assessment- September 2019
18-0434_FBAR_NWJ_2019 09 115.15MB
Appendix A137.08kB
Appendix A92.78kB
Appendix A178.87kB
Appendix B4.40MB
Appendix C114.12MB
Appendix C21.93MB
Appendix C37.12MB
Appendix C46.10MB
Appendix C52.73MB
Appendix C62.70MB
Appendix C6952.13kB
Appendix C71.43MB
Appendix C7118.96kB
Appendix D1510.95kB
Appendix D2298.77kB
Appendix D2343.57kB
Appendix D2664.23kB
Appendix D31.09MB
Appendix D44.68MB
Appendix D5331.28kB
Appendix D526.38kB
Appendix D51.09MB
Appendix D50.98MB
Appendix D5955.31kB
Appendix D62.34MB
Appendix E10.99MB
Appendix E1176.36kB
Appendix E1553.75kB
Appendix E21.26MB
Appendix E30.97MB
Appendix E31.68MB
Appendix E31.21MB
Appendix F1379.52kB
Appendix F2319.45kB
Appendix F3323.19kB
Appendix G2.48MB
Appendix H7.79MB
Appendix I11.16MB
19.0217 - Tutuka Power Station Ash disposal facility Part 2 Amendment Application
17-1186 ZAC New Adit and Open Cast Mining Operations
Appendix 1581.95kB
Appendix 2145.72kB
Appendix 35.74MB
Appendix 4104.81kB
Appendix 5283.20kB
Appendix 64.70MB
Appendix 745.61MB
Appendix 84.77MB
Appendix 916.82MB
Appendix 101.57MB
Appendix 1112.39MB
Appendix 1223.61MB
Appendix 135.77MB
Appendix 1413.72MB
Appendix 152.01MB
Appendix 163.20MB
Appendix 1713.52MB
Appendix 181.71MB
Appendix 19240.93kB
Appendix 201.45MB
Appendix 21240.25kB
Appendix 225.31MB
Appendix 230.99MB
Appendix 24685.40kB
Appendix 25243.96kB
Appendix 26239.26kB
Appendix 2717.35MB
Appendix 282.04MB
ZAC Mngeni Adit IWWMP7.24MB
17-0916 Burnstone Gold Mine IWULA
1-Apr-19Burnstone IWULA Technical Report9.16MB
18-0647 Somkhele IWULA
22-Mar-1918-0647 Somkhele IWULA 2019 Fina58.34MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 11.70MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 264.28kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 36.52MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 482.06kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 574.39kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 6677.87kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 DW755, DW901, DW9021.55MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21a7.80MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21b2.53MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21c&i DW7634.90MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21c&i DW7682.70MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21g DW7676.26MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21g SW90511.65MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 7 Section 21j DW8051.20MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 815.73MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 933.42MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 1022.31MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 11221.56MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 12634.29kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 134.78MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 1427.91MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 1512.02MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 1612.51MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 1723.09MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 1812.98MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 192.70MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 207.58MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 2116.87MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 2234.08MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 2318.61MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 248.42MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 25184.57kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 26606.08kB
22-Mar-19Appendix 275.16MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 288.91MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 299.77MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 3032.16MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 311.26MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 322.44MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 337.35MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 341.35MB
22-Mar-19Appendix 35804.80kB
22-Mar-19DW755 incl Appendixwa949.04kB
22-Mar-19 DW901 Property296.89kB
22-Mar-19DW902 Property owners287.92kB
22-Mar-19Somkhele IWULA isiZulu Translation28.63MB
16-1265 Coalfields Calcine Plant BA
28-Nov-1824G EIA Report_Coalfields Calcine plant_Final Draft with Appendices16.41MB
28-Nov-18Coalfields S24G EMPr Final Draft with Appendices17.45MB
16-1447 Aviemore North Adit and Access Road
6-Sep-18Aviemore North Adit and Access Road EA Part 1688.01kB
6-Sep-18Aviemore North Adit and Access Road EA Part 21.84MB
6-Sep-18Aviemore North Adit and Access Road EA Part 31.89MB
18-0553 Aviemore North Adit and Access Road – IWWMP
14-Nov-18Aviemore North Adit and Access Road - Final IWWMP11.64MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 1 - Applicant ID and Company Reg24.20MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 2 - Property Title Deeds3.97MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 3 - Lease Agreement362.15kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 4 - Property Zoning Documents580.88kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 5 - Clearance Letter3.12MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 6 - BBEEE Status742.99kB
14-Nov-18Appendix 7 - Power of Attorney, Proof of Payment , BBEEE Certificate, List of Co-ordinates,DW758,DW760,DW763,DW766,DW768,DW784,DW788,DW805,DW901,DW902,DW905191.69MB
14-Nov-18Appendix 7 - DW755141.27MB
14-Nov-18Appendix 7 - DW76766.15MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 8 - Topographic Map7.98MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 9 - Master Layout Plan28.72MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 10 - Alternatives31.13kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 11 - EIA96.87MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 12 - RoD4.43MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 13 - EMP13.24MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 14 - Wetland Studies11.70MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 15 - Geotechnical Study31.14kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 16 - Aquatic Assessment83.55kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 17 - Geohydrological Studies19.23MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 18 - Hydrological Studies11.88MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 19 - Water Balance153.47kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 20 - Method Statement9.16MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 21 - Stormwater Management Plan152.17kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 22 - Civil Engineering Design Report48.89MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 23 - Monitoring Programme1.95MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 24 - Contingency Plans820.88kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 25 - Public Participation9.36MB
15-Nov-18Appendix 26 - Financial Provision232.80kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 27 - Mining Permit, Prospecting Right, SLP1.60MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 28 - Exemption from GN704316.07kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 29 - Waste Classification203.59kB
13-Nov-18Appendix 30 - Company Policies3.37MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 31 - Current WUL1.30MB
13-Nov-18Appendix 32 - Hydropedological Report2.56MB
16-1243 Somkhele IWWMP
17-Jul-1816-1243 Somkhele IWWMP18.43MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 11.03MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 258.61kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 36.57MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 482.06kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 574.39kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 6588.68kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 733.55MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 820.42MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 96.54MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 1031.13kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 1143.53MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 1249.98kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 134.78MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 147.94MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 151.65MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 167.76MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 1724.44MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 182.39MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 192.45MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 201.85MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 21 2.41MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 2211.28MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 236.80MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 245.46MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 25 156.68kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 26303.40kB
17-Jul-18Appendix 275.66MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 288.69MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 291.25MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 307.73MB
17-Jul-18Appendix 31 8.68MB
17-0455 Phumlani Phase 3 Housing Project
4-Jul-18Background Information Document481.26kB
18-0535 Buffalo Coal - Magdalena Section 24G and IWULA Update
14-Nov-18Magdalena S24G Draft EIA Report14.62MB
14-Nov-18Appendix A - CV's1.30MB
14-Nov-18Appendix B - Environmental Authorisations3.41MB
14-Nov-18Appendix C - Engineering Designs and Reports6.94MB
14-Nov-18Appendix D - Specialist Studies45.01MB
14-Nov-18Appendix E - Public Participation22.05MB
14-Nov-18Appendix F - Authority Correspondence443.71kB
14-Nov-18Appendix G - Impact Rating Tables859.41kB
14-Nov-18Appendix H - Environmental Management Programme6.20MB
14-Nov-18Appendix I - Company Policy's13.90MB
14-Nov-18Appendix J - Financial Provision3.41MB
16-1487 DGB Draft ESR
12-Oct-17DGB Draft ESR11.51MB
12-Oct-17Annexure A - A3 Maps44.83MB
12-Oct-17Annexure B. PPP9.09kB
12-Oct-17Annexure C - EAP CV123.91kB
12-Oct-17Annxure D - EAP Qualifications455.18kB
15-355 Aviemore EMPR Amendment
Aviemore Draft Environmental Impact Report and Environmental Management Programme4.04MB
Appendix A - EAP CV360.96kB
Appendix B - Impact Assessment Tables 21.90kB
Appendix B - Impact Assessment Tables 23.28kB
APPENDIX C - Aviemore Hydrogeological Assessment6.77MB
APPENDIX E - Aviemore Final Rehabilitation Report3.17MB
Appendix F - Proof of Public Participation Report2.49MB
12-Jul-18Environmental Authorization - Part 1591.31kB
12-Jul-18Environmental Authorization - Part 21.34MB
12-Jul-18Environmental Authorization - Part 32.78MB
17-0403 Department of Rural Development and Land Reform - Irrigation Projects
9-Feb-18Final Basic Assessment Report: Mandeni26.80MB
23-Apr-18Final Basic Assessment Report: Umshwathi35.38MB
23-Apr-18Final Basic Assessment Report: Isondlo 31.05MB
23-Apr-18Final Basic Assessment Report: Kwasobabili30.22MB
23-May-18Notice of Environmental Authorisation: Proposed Irrigation Project for the Dedabuse Primary Cooperative on Reserve 21 No 16882, Mandeni Local Municipality498.65kB
13-Aug-18Notice of Environmental Authorisation: Proposed Irrigation Project for the Siyaqhakaza Agricultural Cooperative on Portion 6 of Inanda Location No 4675, Umshwathi Local Municipality510.92kB
16-1114 Environmental Assessment for the Proposed Copper Processing Facility near Omao Village in Kunene Region
15-May-1716-1114 Scoping and EMP - Final Report 30.00MB
13-Apr-1716-1114 Scoping and EMP - Draft Report 20.06MB
14-398 Estima Coal ESIA
24-Jan-17Projecto do Carvão de Estima EIA0.00
24-Jan-17Non Technical Report1.60MB
30-Jan-17Social Impact Assessment4.08MB
24-Jan-17App A64.08kB
24-Jan-17App B77.12kB
24-Jan-17App C77.95kB
24-Jan-17App D78.56kB
24-Jan-17App E High Level Screening of End Use Power Plant550.44kB
24-Jan-17App F Soil Impact Assessment4.04MB
24-Jan-17App G Sum Ecology Report3.82MB
24-Jan-17App H_Sum Hydrological Assessment6.09MB
24-Jan-17App I Sum Hydrogeology Report6.26MB
24-Jan-17App J Sum Air Quality Impact Assessment5.32MB
24-Jan-17App K Estima Noise Impact Assessment1.67MB
24-Jan-17App L Heritage Study3.37MB
24-Jan-17App M Palaeontological Study1.27MB
24-Jan-17App N Visual Impact Assessment4.69MB
24-Jan-17App O Traffic Impact Assessment1.39MB
24-Jan-17App P Estima Blasting Study4.51MB
24-Jan-17App Q Estima Closure Cost and Rehab Plan1.05MB
24-Jan-17App R Estima Landfill Feasibility Report549.48kB
16-1046 Rundu Fuel Station Environmental Assessment
28-Nov-16Background Information Document (BID)459.46kB
15-210 ZAC 24G Basic Assessment
10-Jul-15I&AP Notification ZAC Public Meeting133.30kB
15-Jul-16Appendix A-13.76MB
15-Jul-16Appendix A-23.60MB
15-Jul-16Appendix A-33.23MB
15-Jul-16Appendix A-43.30MB
15-Jul-16Appendix B4.37MB
15-Jul-16Appendix C-1190.23kB
15-Jul-16Appendix C-1260.03kB
15-Jul-16Appendix C-3163.75kB
15-Jul-16Appendix C-4260.64kB
15-Jul-16Appendix D60.41kB
15-Jul-16Appendix E-1587.02kB
15-Jul-16Appendix E-2856.66kB
15-Jul-16Appendix E-320.63MB
15-Jul-16Appendix E-43.39MB
15-Jul-16Appendix E-571.71kB
15-Jul-16Appendix F_EMPR1.54MB
15-Jul-16ZAC 24 G Final BAR933.42kB
15-Jul-16ZAC BAR Zulu Executive Summary594.77kB
12-094 Magdalena Discard Dump Extention
4-Nov-1512-094 Magdalena DD Extension Final EIA Report2.45MB
16-Sep-15A1 Layout Plan 1.74MB
16-Sep-15Fig 1 - Locality3.26MB
16-Sep-15Fig 2 - Properties 2.17MB
16-Sep-15Fig 3 - Extension1.97MB
16-Sep-15Appendix A - Legal Context126.70kB
16-Sep-15Appendix B - GCS Company Profile6.13MB
16-Sep-15Appendix B - GCS Profile & CVs6.16MB
16-Sep-15Appendix C - I&AP Database123.27kB
16-Sep-15Appendix D - Public Notification Documents8.31MB
16-Sep-15Appendix E - Comment and Response Report466.89kB
16-Sep-15Appendix F - I&AP Comments178.53kB
16-Sep-15Appendix G - Authority Comments3.30MB
16-Sep-15Appendix H1 - Magdalena Discard Dump Draft Design Report - 2012617.29kB
16-Sep-15Appendix H2 - Magdalena Discard Dump Design Report - 2008255.73kB
16-Sep-15Appendix H3 - Magdalena Discard Dump Conceptual Design - 20062.71MB
16-Sep-15Appendix H4 - Magdalena Discard Dump Geotechnical Investigation - 2006465.15kB
16-Sep-15Appendix H5 - Magdalena Discard Dump Hydrological Assessment5.98MB
16-Sep-15Appendix H6 - Magdalena Discard Dump Extension Groundwater7.01MB
16-Sep-15Appendix H7 - Magdalena Discard Dump Extension Preliminary Ecological Assessment Report3.76MB
16-Sep-15Appendix H8 - Mollusc Conservation Measures5.63MB
16-Sep-15Appendix H9 - Soil Survey for Thukela Agate Snail Conservation12.61MB
16-Sep-15Appendix I - Photolog2.75MB
16-Sep-15Appendix J - Draft EMPR1.02MB
9-Jul-13Magdalena Discard Dump Extension Final Scoping Report6.67MB
9-Jul-13Appendix A1 - Layout Plan A31.74MB
9-Jul-13Appendix A2 - Discard Dump Draft Design Report617.29kB
9-Jul-13Appendix B - Photolog2.75MB
9-Jul-13Appendix C1 - I&AP Database12.80kB
9-Jul-13Appendix C2.1 - BID1.25MB
9-Jul-13Appendix C2.2 - Photos of Site Notices1.35MB
9-Jul-13Appendix C2.3 - Photos of Site Notices211.58kB
9-Jul-13Appendix C2.4 - DSR Delivery Letter226.98kB
9-Jul-13Appendix C3 - Public Meeting Minutes1.06MB
9-Jul-13Appendix C4 - Comments and Response Report422.56kB
9-Jul-13Appendix C5 - Comments Received254.88kB
9-Jul-13Appendix D - Correspondence with Authorities2.45MB
9-Jul-13Appendix E - Impact Assessment Method169.23kB
16-May-13Magdalena Discard Dump Extension Draft Scoping Report9.30MB
12-634 Avoca South EIA Report
21-Sep-15Avoca South - Final EIA Report5.30MB
21-Sep-15Appendix A - Legal Context126.70kB
21-Sep-15Appendix B - GCS Profiles and CVs6.16MB
21-Sep-15Appendix C - I & AP Database123.27kB
21-Sep-15Appendix D - Public Notification Documents8.31MB
21-Sep-15Appendix E - Comment and Response Report466.89kB
21-Sep-15Appendix F - I & AP Comments178.53kB
21-Sep-15Appendix G - Authority Comments3.30MB
21-Sep-15Appendix H - Authority Meeting Notes170.25kB
21-Sep-15Appendix I - Avoca South Final EMPR1.63MB
21-Sep-15Appendix J - EIA Application180.19kB
21-Sep-15Appendix K1 - Engineering Services1.77MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K2 - SWMP15.19MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K3 - Traffic Impact Assessment24.09MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K4 - Geotechnical Assessment7.04MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K5 - MHI1.78MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K6 - Vegetation Impact Assessment5.23MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K7 - Fauna Impact Assessment3.01MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K8 - Freshwater Impact Assessment10.13MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K9 - Socio Economic Impact Assessment1.51MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K10 - Heritage Impact Assessment1.55MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K11 - Wetland Delineation 2.67MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K12 - Rehabilitation and Conservation Management Plan6.18MB
21-Sep-15Appendix K13 - Landscaping Report6.08MB
21-Sep-15Layout Plans - Option 1672.83kB
21-Sep-15Layout Plans - Option 2 850.50kB
21-Sep-15Layout Plans - Option 3827.55kB
21-Sep-15Layout Plans - Option 42.92MB
21-Sep-15Layout Plans - Option 52.22MB
21-Sep-15Plates for Avoca South2.28MB
2-Jun-15Avoca South Draft EIA5.23MB
2-Jun-15Appendix A - Legal Context119.71kB
2-Jun-15Appendix B - GCS Profile and CVs6.16MB
2-Jun-15Appendix C - C - I&AP Database123.27kB
2-Jun-15Appendix D - Public Notification Documents8.33MB
2-Jun-15Appendix E - Comments & Response Report587.76kB
2-Jun-15Appendix F - I&AP Comments178.53kB
2-Jun-15Appendix G - Authority Comments2.30MB
2-Jun-15Appendix H - Authority Meeting Notes170.25kB
2-Jun-15Appendix I - EMPr1.64MB
2-Jun-15Appendix J - EIA Application180.19kB
2-Jun-15Appendix K1 - Engineering services1.77MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K2 - SWMP15.19MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K3 - Traffic impact assessment24.09MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K4 - Geotechnical assessment7.04MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K5 - MHI1.78MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K6 - Vegetation impact assessment5.23MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K7 - Fauna impact assessment3.01MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K8 - Freshwater impact assessment10.13MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K9 - Socio economic impact assessment1.51MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K10 - Heritage impact assessment1.55MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K11 - Wetland delineation2.67MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K12 - Rehabilitation and Conservation Management Plan2.58MB
2-Jun-15Appendix K13 - Landscaping Plan5.07MB
2-Jun-15Layout Plans5.14MB
14-071 Proposed Rohill Business Estate in Redhill
6-May-15Final Rohill Business Estate EIA43.76MB
6-May-15Appendix - A335.36kB
6-May-15Appendix - B Legislative context141.57kB
6-May-15Appendix C - Authority Communications and Application2.51MB
6-May-15Appendix D - Record of Public Participation24.99MB
6-May-15Appendix E1 - Engineering Services Report2.26MB
6-May-15Appendix E2 - Stormwater Management Plan2.83MB
6-May-15Appendix E3 - Traffic Impact Assessment61.10MB
6-May-15Appendix E4 - Social Impact Assessment4.16MB
6-May-15Appendix E5 - Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment2.33MB
6-May-15Appendix E5 - Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment3.18MB
6-May-15Appendix E7 - Preliminary Hydrogeological Assessment9.81MB
6-May-15ppendix E8 - Vegetation Assessment2.20MB
6-May-15ppendix E9 - Faunal Assessment6.69MB
6-May-15Appendix E10 - Phase 1 & 2 Chameleon Assessment3.04MB
6-May-15Appendix E11 - Phase 1 and 2 Amphibian Specialist Reports4.92MB
6-May-15ppendix E12 - Wetland Delineation1.76MB
6-May-15Appendix E13 - Freshwater Ecosystems Assessment3.35MB
6-May-15Appendix E14 - Economic Impact Assessment1.07MB
6-May-15Appendix E15 - Visual Impact Assessment7.47MB
6-May-15ppendix E16 - Noise Impact Assessment1.28MB
6-May-15Appendix E17 - Heritage Impact Assessment2.57MB
6-May-15Appendix E18 - Floodline Delineation27.23MB
6-May-15Appendix E19 - Rehab and Conservation Management Plan4.21MB
6-May-15Appendix E20 - Conceptual Wetland Rehabilitation Plan6.07MB
6-May-15Proposed Rohill Business Estate Final EMPr_Final4.72MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA Report30.47MB
25-Nov-14ohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix A323.54kB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix B125.82kB
25-Nov-14ohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix C2.50MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix D20.78MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E133.38MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E238.37MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E338.53MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E44.14MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E52.31MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E63.31MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E79.80MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E82.21MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E96.68MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E103.03MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E114.91MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E121.77MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E133.55MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E141.05MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E157.40MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E161.37MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E172.55MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E1827.21MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E194.20MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix E206.06MB
25-Nov-14Rohill Business Estate - Draft EIA - Appendix F (EMPr)5.23MB