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In line with the GCS Diversification and Growth Strategy, GCS Management has established the GCS Waste and Environmental Engineering Division with effect from 1 August 2014.

GCS Waste and Environmental Engineering provides sustainable environmental solutions across all industry sectors.  The  Group offers services covering the entire project life cycle from feasibility studies through to maintaining environmental integrity and operations throughout Africa.

GCS Waste Engineering

GCS Waste Engineering delivers complete life cycle integrated Waste Management Solutions, beginning with a Waste Management Options Analysis and Waste Facility siting, design, and regulatory licensing. GCS engineers provide the engineering design, procurement and construction supervision for:

  • Commercial (hazardous or non-hazardous) and municipal landfills, and transfer facilities
  • Waste treatment and composting facilities
  • Recycling facilities
  • Mine discard facilities
  • Pollution control structures

The GCS Waste Management Team designs integrated and sustainable municipal, industrial and mining Waste Management Plans to provide the most cost effective, as well as   technically and environmentally acceptable solutions to the total waste management of the municipality or industry. As such, it addresses the following:

  • Waste Generation
  • Waste Minimisation and Reuse
  • Collection of all waste as well as disposal infrastructure (disposal facility requirements), disposal according to environmentally sound practices and within the applicable legislation and regulations

The Waste Management Group draws on the GCS Water and Environmental divisions to assist with necessary specialist studies including:

  • GIS for Site Selection Studies, Route Planning and Visual Impacts
  • Geotechnical and Engineering Geology for material selection, soils investigations and stability analysis
  • Hydrogeology – assessment of the groundwater regimes, aquifer vulnerability and contaminant migration
  • Surface Hydrology – rainfall runoff modelling, storm water control and assessment of flood return periods
  • Water Use Licensing – licensing use and storage of water
  • EIA – use of GCS in-house EIA expertise for licencing and regulatory processes

GCS Environmental Engineering division offers professional services for Environmental Engineering – the integration of science and engineering principles to improve the natural environment and an environmentally and socially sustainable environment. It is concerned with finding sustainable solutions in the fields of Water and Storm Water Management, and planning and protecting the environment from pollution as well as the rehabilitation of contaminated land.

Our management programs include:

  • Human and Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Risk Modelling
  • Environmental Management of soil, groundwater, and surface water

We excel in the remediation, decommissioning, and reclamation of contaminated sites as well as planning and implementing measures during design stage to prevent contamination of new developments, including clean and contaminated water.

The GCS Environmental Engineering services includes:

  • Water Management Implementation Plans
  • Storm Water Control Measures
  • Storm water Master Plans
  • Pollution Barrier Designs
  • Clean and dirty water disposal

Product Data Sheets

Barrier Design
Compliance auditing of waste management facilities
Design of waste management facilities
Integrated Waste Management Planning
Regionalisation studies and Design of Transfer facilities
Waste Classification
Waste Management Licence Applications

For all Engineering enquiries please contact Pieter de Coning Tel: +27 12 348 1114 | pieterdc@gcs-sa.biz