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Expanding your business means leveraging information that helps you see the big picture, make strategic decisions and capitalise on your strengths.  GCS can provide clients with the spatial intelligence to create, visualise, analyse, present and act on information effectively.  Hidden in most data is a geographical component (GPS location, address, etc), utilising Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

GCS analyses data by location, revealing hidden patterns, relationships and trends that are not readily apparent in other conventional forms such as databases and spreadsheets). The ability to visualise information not previously visible, provides clients with the spatial intelligence edge.

The GCS GIS Unit specialises in Environmental, Hydrological, Agricultural and Engineering applications using GIS and Remote Sensing Technology. Our GIS expertise is integrated into all our services with the aim of providing geospatial expertise to aid the decision making process.

GIS applications include:

Environmental Field

  • Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans and Environmental Baseline Assessments
  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Rehabilitation Monitoring
  • Prospecting right and mining right applications or mining permits

Water Field

  • Water Monitoring
  • Hydrogeological Studies – mapping
  • Catchment Geomorphology
  • Flood Line Mapping
  • Bathymetric Survey

Exploration Geology Field

  • Mineral Potential Mapping


  • Vegetation Health Assessment
  • Biomass Quantification

Site Selection

  • Determination of suitable sites
  • Site Comparisons

Social Field

  • Disaster Mapping
  • Disease Mapping and Transmission Modelling

GIS Training

Basic to advanced GIS Training is specifically aimed at turning geospatial data into useful information.


In addition to the GCS GIS Unit portfolio, we can also tailor make solutions to suit user specific needs and requirements.

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