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The Water Group at GCS comprises a team of highly experienced professionals ranging from Hydrogeologists, Geologists, Chemistry specialists, Water Modellers, Engineers and Hydrologists.

GCS has over 27 years’ experience in water sciences and has been involved in numerous studies for clients in the mining, industrial, petro-chemical, municipal, aid agency and governmental sectors.

Our services include:

  • Mining Related Water Studies
  • Surface Water Studies
  • Mathematical Water Flow and Contaminant Transport Modelling
  • Geochemical Assessments
  • Waste Classifications
  • Contaminant Studies
  • Water Resource Evaluations and Monitoring

The business is subdivided in five units to best address our clients’ needs and expectations.

Mining Hydrogeology

This unit focuses on our mining and metal extraction clients.

Key work areas include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Feasibility Studies
  • Mine Dewatering Studies
  • Hydrochemistry and Contamination Studies
  • Mine Waste Management and Characterisation
  • Waste Disposal Investigations
  • Numerical Groundwater Modelling
  • Water Supply


GCS strives for quality monitoring products that are cost effective and informative in order to manage your business better:

  • Water Quality Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater
  • Microbiological Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater
  • Groundwater Level Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Bio-Monitoring

Water Resources

The Water Resources unit is key to unlocking sustainable water resources. Key focus areas include:

  • Groundwater and Surface Water Resource Development
  • Water Supply Investigations
  • Groundwater Reserve Determinations
  • Aquifer Protection and Remediation
  • Bottled Natural/Mineral Water Development
  • Water Use Licence Applications


Accounting for every drop of water used makes the difference. Key product areas are:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Feasibility Studies
  • Catchment Hydrology and Resource Evaluations
  • Water Management, Flood Hydrology and Flood Lines
  • Storm Water Management Plans and Designs
  • Dam Yield Analysis
  • Water and Salt Balances

Contaminated Site Management (CSM)

The CSM unit focuses on providing a specialised consulting service with regard to the assessment of contaminated land and remediation, providing viable solutions such as:

  • Hydrocarbon and Industrial Contaminant Investigations
  • Landfill Investigations, Risk Based Assessments
  • Remediation Studies
  • Waste Characterisation
  • Source and Plume Delineation
  • Due Diligence Studies

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