The Environmental Unit at GCS has been involved in environmental authorisation processes and related environmental solutions throughout southern Africa and beyond. The unit provides a wide range of environmental management skills and specialist studies. The practitioners and specialists are professionally registered and appropriately qualified to undertake the investigations. The GCS team has been involved in the integrated authorisation processes and supporting assessments for a significant number of large and complex developments. Well experienced project managers manage multi-disciplinary teams to provide a complete environmental solution to the client.
The aim of the unit is to provide a cost effective and efficient service, which is tailored to the specific requirements of each project.

Some of the services offered by the GCS Environmental Unit include:
Site Selection and Feasibility Analyses;
Environmental Authorisation Processes;
Mining and Prospecting Authorisation Processes;
Environmental Management Plans;
Environmental Management Programmes;
Environmental Risk Assessments;
Public Participation and Stakeholder Consultations;
Water Use License Applications;
Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans;
Water Resource Management;
Water Rights Transfers and Trading;
Water Footprint Assessments;
Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecological Assessments;
Wetland Assessments and Delineations;
SASS5 Biomonitoring;
Marine Ecology Assessments;
Environmental Control Officer services;
Environmental and Social Due Diligence;
Legal Compliance Audits;
Environmental Performance Assessments;
Financial Provision and Closure Applications;
Social and Labour Plan Development and Implementation;
Social Impact Assessments;
Resettlement Action Plans and associated studies; and
Environmental Management Systems.