GCS offers comprehensive services in determining mine water quality, mine and processing waste leach and run-off qualities. Waste classification in terms of the Government Notice 635, National Environmental Management: Waste Act 59 of 2008, is undertaken for South African operations. Our clients vary from mining, ore refinement and energy companies to mine, ore processing and waste design engineering companies.

Typical studies undertaken include tailings and waste rock facility design and risk studies, backfill waste within mine voids as well as other waste types including coal power station ash, leach pads and metal smelter waste, operational and closure mine water quality assessments. Related services offered by GCS include Site Selection Studies for waste facilities, Water and Waste Management, liner and capping designs, unsaturated flow and Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modelling.

Mine and processing waste often presents a high level of environmental liability for the mining and extractive sector. These sectors must therefore spend a considerable amount of money in mitigating the environmental risks posed by mine and processing waste. To this end, the geochemical qualification and quantification of waste are essential as part of the waste facility design process, establishment of risks and liabilities, as well as waste management and mitigation design. Old mine voids and waste product often have a long-term liability. Pit-lake and mine water decant quality are important factors determining mine closure.

Test work undertaken aims to determine parameters such as waste or mine water quality characteristics, laboratory reactions rates and Acid Rock Drainage Potential (ARD). Predictive Geochemical Modelling, together with Oxygen Dispersion Modelling, is undertaken to quantify water quality for different operating or design scenarios.

GCS offers integrated water and environmental engineering services to assist clients in the effective management of waste products.