Numerical groundwater modelling is a tool used for predictive and evaluation purposes. GCS has staff experienced in applying both two and three-dimensional models to complex hydrogeological situations. Various FD and FEM modelling packages are available for different saturated and unsaturated flow and contaminant transport problems.

Groundwater modelling forms part of the decision making process that includes:

  • Mining
  • Waste disposal
  • Borehole field optimisation and management
  • Design and optimisation of groundwater remediation and litigation arising from disputes

GCS uses flow and contaminant transport models to obtain solutions in the following situations:

  • Contaminant risk assessments and predicting the contaminant flow paths and plumes originating from industrial, waste or mining sites
  • Water resource assessments, including catchment and borehole field sustainable yield
  • Potential impacts on receptors due to groundwater abstraction
  • Mine dewatering optimisation and risks
  • Modelling of flow within the vadose zone; site suitability studies and assessment of infrastructure (waste deposition, tailings, etc.)