GCS offers services to analyse and measure rainfall, run-off and other climatic conditions to provide a better understanding of the hydrological cycle as well as surface water and run- off patterns. Run-off can be modelled for differing locations and conditions. Potential floods and flood lines are calculated and mapped. Conceptual or preliminary designs are produced for the planning of dams, irrigation schemes, drains, channels, berms or levees. Surface Water Hydrology measures and models conditions that exist and
facilitates the development of dam simulations, the design of flood control and storm water management measures and
the planning of irrigation, water supply and other water resource development projects.

Hydrology services offered include:

  • Surface Water Specialist Studies as part of a:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental and Social
    • Impact Assessment (ESIA);
    • Water Use License Application (WULA);
    • Integrated Water and Waste Management Plan (IWWMP)
    • Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS); and
    • Feasibility Studies (FS) (Bankable).
  • Water Management and Planning
    • Static, Dynamic and Probabilistic Water Balance Modelling for Water Management Planning using the GoldSim Simulation Package; and
    • Storm Water Management Planning using PCSWMM software.
  • Analysis of Climatic Conditions and Climate Change Analysis ;
  • Run-off Modelling and Analysis at a Catchment (wide or small scale);
  • Water Demands, Downstream Use and Supply Risk Analysis;
  • Irrigation Assessments;
  • Flood Risk and Management:
    • Peak Flood Determination; and
    • Determination and Mapping of Flood Lines.
  • Surface Water Risk and Mitigation Analyses; and
  • Integrated Surface Water, Groundwater, Soils and Wetland Calculations.

These basic hydrological services are supplemented by specific services offered to clients in different economic sectors. Packages of services are specifically tailored to the individual requirements of clients.

The GCS Hydrology Unit works closely together with the Environmental Engineering Unit and Systems, Irrigation, Water Supply Systems, Canals and Pipelines and has worked in many countries throughout Africa. also has experience in planning and providing inputs into the design of Municipal Waste Water .